Get The Most Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions From A Leading Online Supplier For All Commercial Lighting


We can not imagine the world without electricity which is an absolute necessity for all residential or commercial purposes. With the fast depleting non renewable energy sources and increasing cost of electricity it makes a great sense to use energy efficient lighting solutions that will not make a fat hole in the pocket. Thanks to rapid scientific progress and innovative inventions in lighting tools that have given rise to CFL bulbs and tubes and Led Bulbs and tubes. When it comes to getting the most efficient lighting solutions or energy efficient bulbs then Led bulbs and tubes are the most suitable one that fits this requirement.


Using Led tube lights not only save energy and thereby electricity costs but also protect the environment, and provide the highest quality of luminosity that users deserve. Thus Led Bulbs and Tube Lights offer the best alternative to incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs and tube lights. Led tube lights not only use less than 50% of the energy than that used by traditional fluorescent bulbs but these tube lights have 6 times longer lifespan than the later. Moreover the light can be effectively directed and controlled by users. LED light tubes also eliminate heat build up and thus prove to be the most suitable choice for residential or commercial lighting solutions.

What makes LED light bulbs rank higher than incandescent bulbs or tubes on account of popularity and suitability is that the former is eco-friendly in nature as they are free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable unlike the CFL bulbs or tubes or incandescent bulbs. If you are planning to purchase LED bulbs or tube lights at a wholesale price for your office or for the street then you must consider to purchase LED bulbs and tubes from a leading online supplier.

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We are Lights is a leading company in California that offers the highest quality LED bulbs and induction lighting solutions. The company offers multiple lines of both LED and Induction lighting including spotlights, street Lights, bulbs and a variety of fixtures and accessories which will meet all your office or commercial lighting needs in a seamless way. Whether you need led flood bulb that would replace the high pressure sodium vapour lamps or you want energy efficient led light fixtures for your home or office, We Are Lights will meet your needs and requirements in a customised and comprehensive way. Being at the forefront of the most technologically advanced lighting solutions, We Are Lights is committed to provide energy efficient lighting solutions to people in United States.

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